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8 Tips for Lecture Capture on a Shoestring
Whether you’re flipping your courses, creating videos to help your students understand specific concepts or recording lectures for exam review, these tips can help you optimize your production setup on a tight budget.
MAYBE YOU’VE seen “Video Dad,” the professor whose video interview on South Korean politics with the BBC was interrupted when his young daughter danced into his office, followed by a baby scooching along in a walker, followed by a harried mom trying to rescue her family from the prying eyes of the world and salvage her husband’s broadcast career.
When Raul Burriel watched that video, he saw somebody with “considerable experience doing these kinds of interviews.” After all, said the streaming media coordinator for Oregon State University, video dad Robert Kelly had things positioned in just the right way. The video camera is above him, pointing downward. He has positioned his own books strategically on his desk. And the space he uses is narrow, in the sense that the wall behind him is maybe four or five feet away. Burriel’s guess: Notwithstanding the domestic interruption, Kelly has
“probably evolved and developed this layout and look over a number of interviews.”
Burriel oversees what he calls the “media ecosystem” at his university, a topic on which he speaks nationally. While Oregon State maintains media production units for creating high-quality video, these days, he noted, “everyone’s got a video creation device in their pocket.” In fact, he estimates that 90 percent of the video creation done on campus is user-generated content, whether it’s faculty making videos to help students learn, students creating videos for assignments, webinar production or extension service tutorials made for people out in the field.
Here’s what Burriel has recommended for setting up a production studio to make videos with impact — and on a tight budget.4
Oregon State University Streaming Media Coordinator Raul Burriel
Oregon State University

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