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is pricing: Wasabi costs 80% less than AWS S3. There are
no egress charges or API request charges. And the company maintains a single tier: always hot. No juggling among different tiers to balance cost and fast access. Because there are no variables other than the amount of storage a college or university requires, Wasabi also has the ability to sell cloud storage upfront with a purchase order. No more putting a credit card down and awaiting the monthly bill to find out what surprise services have been used. “Reserved Capacity Storage” allows the college or university to work within a budget to use cloud storage for its needs without the wild fluctuations in billing.
Also, because Wasabi was developed years after those other name-brand providers, the innovative architecture provides for a service that performs faster than the competition, with quicker uploads and downloads.
On top of that:
ƒ For staffers who are already familiar with the use of Amazon’s S3, Wasabi’s S3 compatibility makes it simple to work with the technology.
ƒ The physical security measures of Wasabi’s many data centers include 24/7 staffing, continual monitoring of
facilities and two-factor authentication for access.
ƒ Wasabi maintains 11 nines of data durability. Wasabi encrypts data in transit and at rest. It uses “immutable buckets,” a configuration that can be applied to the most critical data, which can then never be changed or deleted. And a data protection feature called Object Lock enables a user to designate certain files or objects to be immutable, until the specified retention period has expired.
For schools that haven’t yet begun their migration to the cloud, it’s time to get a move on. Nobody in your IT organization wants to be a storage administrator anymore. If that’s somebody’s job, I’d wager a bet that he or she really wants to become a cloud architect. And storage has become the easiest place to begin that cloud journey. But don’t just go with one of the top three choices. They may have been amazing at one time, but technology has moved on. The newest offering in cloud storage, which has leapfrogged the legacy choices, is now the better — more affordable — fit.
David Boland is the senior director of product marketing for Wasabi. Prior to Wasabi, David worked for a number of technology brands, including NetApp and Juniper Networks.
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