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a single view of attack points across the network along with attack sources, supplying the intelligence needed for threat management.
ƒ ADAPTATION, for automatically updating protection against new and evolving threats as they surface. Threat Adapt, built into Infoblox ADP, applies independent analysis and research to evolving attack techniques, including what our own threat specialists have seen in customer networks, to update protection. That includes adaptation to reflect DNS configuration changes as well.
ƒ INTEGRATION WITH EXISTING CYBERSECURITY INVESTMENTS. Defense-in-depth means overlapping layers of security and tools that work together. The institution already has existing defenses protecting the network. Why not increase the value of those products — whether from FireEye, Check Point, Fortinet, Cisco, Palo Alto Networks, Rapid7 or 70-plus other companies — by sharing threat and attacker information bi-directionally, in real time? That’s the idea behind the Infoblox Cybersecurity Ecosystem and to work with other security and network providers in developing a highly interconnected set of integrations. The idea is
not competing, but completing.
to protect every connection, regardless of device or location, and secure infrastructure that stretches across physical, virtual and cloud systems. Infoblox BloxOne Threat Defense Advanced, a subscription-based hybrid cloud solution, becomes a linchpin in all IP-based communications, covering DNS, DHCP and all IP address management. When a DNS query is sent, BloxOne
uses machine learning to inspect it, run it against any one of up to 40 million bad domains and indicators of compromise, to determine in real time whether the address is good or bad. BloxOne also accommodates custom filtering. Tired of having March Madness slow legitimate traffic to a crawl? Stop people from hitting the streaming domains via the network.
The higher ed network is growing exponentially in complexity. Users are becoming more distributed. But IT’s job is the same: Protect everything and everyone, wherever they are. DNS security provides that first line of defense that helps tackle the job at scale.
Rufus Coleman is the director and general manager for U.S.- based education and government at Infoblox.
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