Page 9 - THE Journal, October/November 2018
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Favorite Student Response Systems & Classroom Clickers
Platinum: Kahoot
Gold: Promethean student response systems
Silver: Plickers
Favorite Collaboration Tool (by Brand)
Platinum: Google Gold: Microsoft Silver: Nearpod
Favorite Classroom Management, Culture or Student Success System
Platinum: ClassDojo
Gold: PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports) Silver: Lenovo LanSchool
Favorite Student Information Systems & Data Management Tool
Platinum: Infinite Campus Gold: PowerSchool
Silver: Skyward
Favorite Lecture Capture/Screen Recording
Platinum: Screencast-o-matic Gold: Adobe Presenter Silver: Smart Learning Suite/ Notebook/Recorder
Favorite Document Camera (by Brand)
Platinum: Elmo USA Visual Presenter series
Gold: AVer Information Silver: HoverCam
Favorite Projector (by Brand)
Platinum: Epson
Gold: (TIE) Samsung, Mimio Silver: (TIE) Toshiba, InFocus
Favorite Interactive Whiteboard, Display, Flat Panel or Kiosk
(by Brand)
Platinum: SMART Technologies Gold: Promethean
Silver: Epson
Favorite Videoconferencing & Web Conferencing Tool Platinum: Google Hangouts
Gold: Skype in the Classroom Silver: Zoom
Favorite Virtual Classroom/ Meeting Software
Platinum: Google Hangouts Gold: Silver: Skype in the Classroom
Favorite Classroom Audio Distribution/Sound Enhancement System (by Brand)
Platinum: Smart Audio Gold: Lightspeed Technologies Silver: Califone
Top Educational Game or Gamified Learning Tool
Top Game not Necessarily Designed for Education but Used as a Part of Instruction at Your Institution
Platinum: ABC Mouse
Gold: (TIE) Minecraft, ABCya, Cool Math
Silver: (TIE) Starfall, Prodigy
Favorite Virtual/Augmented Reality Headset or Hardware System
Platinum: Google Cardboard Gold: Samsung Gear VR Silver: Sony PlayStation VR
Favorite Virtual/Augmented Reality Software/System
Platinum: Aurasma
Gold: zSpace
Silver: (TIE) PBS Lunch Rush, Quiver
Favorite Gaming Platform
Platinum: iOS
Gold: Android
Silver: Sony Playstation
Platinum: Lexia Gold: Prodigy Silver: Kahoot
Epson Projector
iOS gaming

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