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FEATURE | Best of Ed Tech
Favorite Classroom Presentation Software
Platinum: Google Slides Gold: Microsoft PowerPoint Silver: Prezi
Best Office/Productivity Suite
Platinum: Microsoft Office Gold: Google G Suite Silver: Apple iWork
Favorite Multimedia Authoring Suites & Creative Software
Platinum: Adobe Creative Cloud Gold: Apple creativity apps Silver: Ubuntu Studio
Favorite E-Learning Authoring Tool
Platinum: Google G Suite Gold Adobe Creative Cloud, Camtasia Studio
Favorite Media Tablet (by Brand)
Platinum: Apple
Gold: Samsung
Silver: (TIE) Google, Dell
Favorite Chromebook (by Brand)
Platinum: Google Gold: Dell
Silver: HP
Favorite Windows Tablet (by Brand)
Platinum: Microsoft Gold: Dell
Silver: HP
Favorite Convertible Notebook/ 2-in-1 Notebook (by Brand)
Platinum: HP
Gold: Dell
Silver: (TIE) Acer, Lenovo
Favorite Education Notebook
Platinum: Apple Gold: HP Silver: Dell
Favorite Virtual Desktops and Thin Clients
Platinum: VMware Gold: (TIE) Lenovo, HP Silver: Acer
Favorite Wireless Access Point |or Hotspot (by Brand)
Platinum: Cisco
Gold: Netgear
Silver: Extreme Networks
Favorite Network or WiFi Management, Analysis and Monitoring Tool
Platinum: Microsoft Gold: Cisco
Silver: Pandora
Favorite Mobile Device Management Solution Platinum: Google
Gold: AT&T
Silver: Lightspeed Systems
Favorite Anonymous Reporting Tool
Platinum: MySafeSchool Gold: (TIE) Cyberbully Hotline, PublicSchoolWorks
HP 2-in-1 Notebook
Favorite Emergency Notification System
Platinum: SchoolMessenger Gold: (TIE) Blackboard, School System Alert
Silver: (TIE) K12 Alerts,
One Call Now
Favorite Firewall Software
Platinum: Norton 360
Gold: Microsoft Windows Firewall Silver: Kapersky
Favorite Firewall Hardware/ Appliance (by Brand)
Platinum: McAfee Gold: Cisco Silver: Barracuda
Top Anti-Virus Tool (by Brand)
Platinum: McAfee Gold: Norton Silver: Microsoft
Favorite Classroom Furnishings and Charging Carts (by Brand)
Platinum: Bretford Gold: Steelcase Silver: Childcraft
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