Page 36 - THE Journal, October/November 2018
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Transforming schools one classroom at a time.
Reinvent your classrooms with NEC Display Solutions.
NEC Display Solutions:
a trusted source for Education Technology
1) Over 20 years supporting K-12 institutions with durable and innovative display and projector technology
2) Products designed for easy installation and user friendly integration
3) Technology solutions that are backed by one of the strongest warranty programs in the industry
4) Star Student reduced pricing options to give you the most budget friendly solutions available
5) Unmatchedcustomerserviceensuringsupportneedsaremetandproblemsaredealtwithquickly
NEC Display Solutions is the only manufacturer that can provide the right solution for every digital display need on a campus. Engage students and support your faculty with industry-leading display products that are cost-effective, reliable and covered under an extensive warranty program.
To learn more about NEC’s innovative solutions for K-12 go to

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