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12/12/17 2:19 PM
THE Journal: Are you going to continue the push for E-rate and net neutrality in 2018? Are you joining up in any national efforts?
Corippo: Yes we will continue pushing
on E-Rate and net neutrality — these are huge issues for education in 2018. We’ll continue working with SETDA and CoSN on these campaigns. The outlook on these are both very dire — it looks as if the feds are locked in on denying or limiting the current funding and discounts, as well
as rolling back connectivity speeds for education at a time when we need more bandwidth than ever.
THE Journal: Do you also see student data privacy as a growing issue? What are the peculiarities of student privacy in California?
Corippo: We think awareness of the loss of student privacy is a major issue —
whether the student data is vulnerable
in systems like a district SIS, or the awareness we need to share with teachers when selecting tools for their classrooms and how they can balance innovation and protection for students’ rights.
THE Journal: What are some of the special features at this year’s national conference?
Corippo: The amazing keynote lineup (, including: Matt Miller (author of Ditch That Textbook), Meredith Walker (co- founder and executive director of Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls), Peter and Paul Reynolds (award-winning authors
and renowned children’s publishers) and wrapping up with Erin Klein, a classroom teacher that is also SMART Technologies Exemplary Educator, ISTE 2012 Social Media Influencer,
a National Association of Independent Schools Teacher of the Future, ASCD Emerging Leader [and] PBS Digital Innovator.
A new AR/VR Playground, where we’ll have hands-on demonstrations from Google, California State Parks’ PORTS virtual field trips and several other of the very hottest AR/VR tools on display, in addition to having the CUE STEAMpunk Playground again on Thursday and Friday, [where] attendees can go hands-on in station- style learning where educators can have time to use some of the hottest robots and STEAM tools and apps.
Spring CUE 2018 will feature almost 500 sessions and happenings between Wednesday and Saturday.
David Nagel is editor-in-chief of THE Journal.
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○ CoSN/UNESCO Global Symposium on Educating for Digital Citizenship How can technology be used to improve digital citizenship?
○ Special Programming for Small and Large Districts Because solutions are never one size fits all.
○ @InnovationCentral: NOT your Average Exhibit Experience Pod hop to visit industry partners and network with peers.
○ Monumental Impact! Advocacy Dinner & Auction Get your ticket today to avoid FoMo (fear of missing out)
○ FailFest takes the stage again, and introducing.... AwesomeFest! Take your failures full circle by seeing how they become successes.
○ Closing Keynote by Neil Pasricha, author of The Book of Awesome. This is obviously going to be awesome.
○ EdTech Advocacy and Policy Summit 2018
Your opportunity to educate members of congress and other policymakers.
To learn more about designing learning in the 4th industrial revolution and to register, visit

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