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INDUSTRY FOCUS With Ralph C. Jensen, Editor-in-Chief
If Things Can Go WRrong, They Will
eading is a great pastime, pain. What a waist of a Hawaiian vacation. and I do a lot of it. It’s 6. Harrisburg International: A meat part of my job. For fun, cleaver. Seriously, not a clever idea in I read, but not the usual anyone’s luggage. This traveler wasn’t the news; I like to focus on sharpest tool in the shed.
obituaries (just checking to make sure I’m 5. Destin-Fort Walton Beach: Bear
not there) and lists. I like the Top Ten lists of just about anything.
Favorites include best pizza in every state. I’m sure the choice in New York or maybe Illinois is difficult, whereas, in Wyoming—where I’m from—the choice might not be too difficult. What does this have to do with security? Nothing.
Another one of my favorite topics is crazy things that TSA officials have found in carry-on luggage. Here are some serious security concerns.
10. Atlantic City International: Bullets in deodorant. The passenger must have been sweating bullets when this was discovered.
9. Newark Liberty International: An Old West-type firearm. Like one from the movies. Is your one-shot worth a mug shot?
8. Houston Hobby International: A meth burrito. You can’t speed your way through security with this one.
7. Honolulu International: A belt buckle with a gun attached. Imagine if this weapon accidentally turned upside down— and then fired. Words cannot explain the
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spray. This is not a bear necessity on any flight.
4. Reagan Washington National: Machete. This is about 24 inches of stupid. 3. Syracuse Hancock International: Fireworks. This could have been an
explosive situation.
2. Sacramento International: Wine
holder. No big deal, right? Not when this caddy was made of two hand guns. Talk about a pour decision.
1. You’re not going to believe this. New Orleans International: A chainsaw.
Don’t try to take something illegal throughsecurity.Youcan’tstumptheTSA. TSA makes it abundantly clear what travelers can bring on a flight. None of the above items appear on any “approved items” list I’ve ever read. We are all starting to travel a little more these days, and the rules about carry-on items haven’t changed. Keep security forefront in your
thoughts when traveling.
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