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Machine Learning 28
Beyond the Buzz
AI advancements and abundant video present real opportunity
By Quang Trinh
Artificial Intelligence 32
Continuing Camera Advancement
The new vision for intelligent surveillance cameras
By Adam Lowenstein
Biometrics 36
Evaluating Access Control
It is crucial to know if biometric access control will work in your unique environment
By John Cassise
Utility Security 38
Curbing Security Threats
The oil and gas industry rely on thermal cameras to discover methane leaks
By Kai Moncino
Perimeter Security 42
Unified Solutions and Emerging Technologies
Recent innovations in security software will allow the end user to look beyond the fence
By Cheryl Stewart
Risk and Compliance 48
Protecting a Budding Industry
Integrated security systems help manage cannabis facilities
By Natalie Bannon
Industry Focus 6
If Things Can Go Wrong, They Will
By Ralph C. Jensen
Security Today Solutions 50
Advertising Index 56
Industry Professional 58
A Medical Enhancement
By Brad Kamcheff
Photography by Telmo Machado
Going Beyond Security 14
Houston takes steps to improve quality of life, public safety
By Monique Merhige
Perimeter Security 8
Reducing Nuisance Alarms
Even a low rate of alarm can lead to complacency
By Tom Hofer
Security Operations 10
The Rush to Digitalization
Cybersecurity has become a top business priority
By Kev Eley
Cyber Security 12
A Symbiotic Relationship
Physical security and cybersecurity are two sides of the same coin
By Patrick Hayes
Casino Security 22
Winners at We-Ko-Pa
Casino resort plays cards right for camera quality and functionality
By Tim Lyvers
USB Flash Drives
Overcoming the Problems
Using a bad drive can do some very bad things
By Richard Kanadjian
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