Page 60 - Security Today, September/October 2021
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SECURITY TODAY SOLUTIONS Compiled by Ralph C. Jensen, Editor-in-Chief
Support Healthy Buildings
LenelS2 supports Carrier’s Healthy Buildings program and the safe return to work. LenelS2 has introduced a COVID-19 Contact Notification subscription-based service for businesses and other organizations using LenelS2’s OnGuard® or NetBoxTM access control security systems along with LenelS2’s BlueDiamondTM mobile credential app. This new service complements LenelS2’s touchless building access solutions by providing BlueDiamond-credentialed users with the ability to assess their health symptoms, receive real-time social distancing reminders and anonymized notifications if they have recently come into contact with a user that self-assessed as being positive for COVID-19.
Wireless Ethernet Solution
ComNet is announcing the introduction of its Generation 4 line of NetWave® wireless products that offer greater performance and increased stability in applications where throughput and increased bandwidth is increasingly important. The NW1 Gen 4 can exceed 500Mbps throughput under ideal conditions, accommodates 10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet, it also now has IEEE802.3at PoE Compliant PD on port 1 and an IEEE802.3af power source (PSE) available on port 2. Distance is specified for applications of up to 2 miles. The new hardware features a high-performance chipset with a quad-core CPU, designed to meet the high throughput demands that surveillance applications require.
Managing Lock Systems
CyberLock Inc., a global leader in key-centric access control solutions, announces the release of CyberAudit Web 9.4! CyberAudit-Web (CAW), the software suite for managing CyberLock systems, provides an intuitive interface to assign keys, set expirations, monitor personnel, configure access schedules, and more. The latest release, CAW 9.4, introduces interface upgrades, new security enhancements, mobile geolocation capturing to enrich location graphics, and powerful capabilities for 2nd generation CyberLock cylinders. This myriad of new features will enhance the CyberLock experience for users across the globe. CAW 9.4 includes a multitude of features intentionally designed to support the unique needs of high-security customers.
Systems for Global Customers
Barrier1 Systems is working with global customers in the public and private sectors to install innovative new solutions that leverage the unique capabilities of Cepton’s Helius system, which combines a network of Vista®-P lidar sensors with edge computing and advanced perception software, to deliver real-time, anonymized, 3D object detection, classification, tracking and velocity. The partnership demonstrates the versatility of Cepton’s lidar technology. This will show how smart lidar solutions are by increasing security and safety, in various types of public and private commercial spaces and facilities. Barrier1 Systems has combined its barrier control systems with Helius to monitor the speed and direction of vehicles approaching entrance or exit points.
Built-in Storage
Paxton Inc. is pleased to announce the updated Paxton10 camera offering, adding a CORE Series of cameras alongside our existing PRO Series. The Paxton10 system combines access control, video management, and free Bluetooth® smart credentials, feature-rich software and now, the CORE and PRO Series of cameras. The new CORE Series cameras feature edge processing for ultimate scalability, built-in edge storage, and plug-and-play installation. The addition of the CORE Series gives installers new hardware, more choices, and better value than ever before. Paxton has also reduced the price of our PRO Series cameras providing a tailored video management solution at a cost-effective price.
Tools for Installers, Technicians
Triplett Test Equipment highlights the innovative 8150 CamView5 IP Pro, a high-resolution, all-in- one security camera tester with Wi-Fi hotspot. The compact, lightweight CamView5 IP Pro is designed for the installation and maintenance of IP cameras, analog cameras, TVI, CVI, and AHD cameras, as well as for testing 4K H.264 /H.265 video. The CamView5 features HDMI output and a built-in Wi-Fi hotspot for easy connectivity with Wi-Fi-connected cameras. With its combination of a 5-inch touch screen and key buttons, the CamView5 IP Pro is user-friendly. This user-friendly design, portability, and many other functions make the CamView5 IP Pro, an affordable and essential tool for all installers and technicians.

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