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cover story
Video Surveillance 8
Outside the Walls
Video surveillance designed for challenging environments
By Dilen Thakar
Cloud/Storage 12
A Technology Advancement
The video surveillance industry has turned to using tape to affordably store video
By Jay Jason Bartlett
Security Technology 20
To the Next Level
Achieving better outcomes by combining technologies
By Teresa Liou
Internet of Things 22
Grooming the Landscape
Tips on managing your cybersecurity
By Wayne Dorris
Remote Monitoring 26
Digital Technologies Create Savings
Other benefits and efficiencies aimed for criminal justice system
By Enrique Pavlioglou
Smart Cards 28
The How and Why
Companies switch from proximity to smartcard systems
By Tom Piston
Mobile Apps 32
A True Calling
Finding a full purpose in remote video surveillance workflows
By Aaron Saks
Security and Safety 34
Bringing Trust to the Workplace
Global health crisis demands ever-changing environment, public health guidelines
By Mark Robinton
Municipal Security 36
A Quality of Life
Municipalities improve networks with physical security systems
By Bob Carter
Industry Focus 6
Front Line Security at Risk
By Ralph C. Jensen
Security Today Solutions 40
Advertising Index 41
Industry Professional 42
If I Knew Yesterday What I Know Today
By Trent Whatcott
The New Age
Stakeholders will need to work toward a common vision
By John Mears
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