Page 34 - Security Today, January/February 2021
P. 34

Bringing Trust
to the Workplace
Global health crisis demands ever-changing environment, public health guidelines
BAy Mark Robinton
s businesses and governments enter a new era of workplace safety, two prerequisites are preparedness and the ability to pivot quickly. Widely adopted ac- cess control, authentication, Internet of Things and other trusted identity offerings have long been the
cornerstones for protecting people, places, and things, and now they also provide the foundation for safely and confidently re-opening and sustaining operations at workplaces during this global pandemic.
HID Global faced the same challenges as many other organiza- tions in returning its employees to work. The first step was to devel- op a strategy and comprehensive playbook, as well as processes for communicating to employees in a time of rapid change. These ele-
ments serve as a single point of truth that help guide the safety and security of employees while ensuring operations continue to run smoothly. Developed with inputs from multiple sources within the organization, the Return to Workplace playbook provided clear recommendations and reassurance for site leaders and all employ- ees, and support for customers in an ever-changing environment as new information emerged and public health guidelines evolved.
Providing a “single source of truth” was particularly impor- tant, based on and aggregating information obtained directly from site leaders about their regional situations. These Site Readiness Teams established minimum requirements for all sites to include daily reporting. A site readiness tracker was established, and com- munication was established with each site lead to ensure everyone was keeping abreast ever-changing restrictions and modifications

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