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A True Calling
Finding a full purpose in remote video surveillance workflows
BIy Aaron Saks
f the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that secure remote access to systems is no longer a “nice to have” feature. With limited staff and some areas of buildings closed completely, most organizations don’t have the same eyes on their busi- ness. The security workstation or guard station may be un-
manned, so the need to monitor remotely has never been greater. Work environments are different at home, since not everyone has the same set up that they have at work. With all these changes, a mobile app that allows quick and easy access to your video secu- rity system can serve as a second screen to easily keep your eyes on things that matter most.
Even before the pandemic, there was a growing trend to de- ploy lightweight VMS software running on small PCs at remote, sometimes unmanned sites.
The oil and gas market is a perfect example where many unat- tended sites can be vulnerable, so organizations require real-time alerts when a vehicle shows up at a site when it shouldn’t. Like- wise, for retailers, restaurants and other businesses that have al- most shut down or are running with a skeleton crew, being able to
instantly tap into the security system with a smart phone and see who is at the back door can be the difference between leaving a critical position unattended or not. If you can go a step further and “buzz people in” after they’ve been recognized, even better. Hav- ing someone watching the security system full time is a luxury few businesses can afford right now, when keeping the business alive is priority one. Mobile apps can bridge the gap, by enabling security staff to remotely access the video security system simply and safely.
The cyber secure part of remote access is critical. In their rush to provide access to employees, many IT departments may have taken shortcuts by forwarding router ports, and relaxing firewalls in places they shouldn’t have. For security professionals working remotely or just wanting to work smarter, being able to remotely access and administer cameras through a VMS is a requirement.
For those not glued to a laptop or workstation, the ability to receive real-time notifications and view and search through video on a mobile device ensures that they don’t sacrifice control and
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