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Never Touch A Door Again: Offices.
SDC’s Hands Free Door SolutionTM is a common-sense answer to help businesses, schools and organizations re-open or stay open during the pandemic crisis and provide peace of mind. Never touch a door again on the way in or out of a facility or room. A wave of the hand in front of the 474 No Touch Switch activates the Auto EntryControlTM Low Energy Swing Door Operator for entry or egress.
AUTO ENTRYCONTROLTM AUTO Low Energy Swing Door Operator
• Easy, One-Man Installation
• Single Button, Self-Tuning Setup • Built-in 1 Amp Power Supply
• On-board Lock Sequencing
• Hold Open Feature
No Touch Switch
• WAVE-TO-OPEN Activation
• Active IR Sensor Technology
• Adjustable Sensing Range 2”-7”
• Illuminated Dual LED Sensor (RED/GREEN)
* Even with National ANSI and ADA Standards, Building Code Enforcement relating to Automatic Doors and Switch Placement varies across the country. Consult your local Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) for compliance requirements.
Security Door Controls
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