Page 39 - Security Today, October 2020
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ASTM M50 Portable Barriers & Bollards
Available now, you can set up certified ASTM M50/P3 rated portable barriers and bollards on concrete, asphalt, compacted soils or vegetation in 15 minutes or less to provide M50 stopping power. Your people are now protected from damage by a 15,000 pound (6804 kg) medium-duty truck going 50 mph (80.4 kph). Quick deployment, multiple configurations and,
best of all, unrivaled security at the highest level!
See our full line of certified crash tested portable and fixed line of
vehicle access control products at
Link M50 rated TB150 bollards together to create immediate protection for spans of 20 feet (6 m) or greater. TB150’s contain and stop 1.2 million foot pounds of medium-duty truck.
Visit for details and specifications. GSA 47QSWA18D003B 1-661-575-1100

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