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“There may also be the reputational impact of detaining innocent people because they have inadequate or no identity documents. This is a waste of time for the police and the innocent party.”
droidTM and iOS platforms gives them the most flexibility for de- livering true BYOD (Bring your Own Device) functionality. The software for these solutions should be delivered in the form of a software development kit (SDK), which allows police depart- ments, or their technology partners, to develop their own apps to match their database checking processes.
Deployment Examples
Police departments are already seeing valuable results where this type of reader has been deployed. In the first year of using mobile biometric readers, a police department in a major Europe- an city has seen a six-fold increase in the number of people identi- fied, with the number of persons of interest detained increasing at an even greater rate.
Meanwhile, officers using these readers are spending more time on the street, protecting the public and maintaining visibility in the community. Custody suites are freed up to house confirmed
offenders, rather than those awaiting identification, and overall time and booking costs have been reduced. The police depart- ment reported saving an estimated $600,000 within the first year of deployment, after the purchase of the mobile biometric kits.
Opportunities Ahead
The industry will continue to see smaller, all-in-one mobile biometric readers with the capability to also read identity docu- ments as part of all-in-one solutions. This will pave the way for a broader scope of use cases, such as verification and watchlist matching at border crossings, passport checks at remote general aviation airports that lack a customs and border protection infra- structure, and refugee identification.
Mobile biometric readers are already delivering significant benefits to police forces around the world by saving time, money and significantly increasing detention rates. The speed and avail- ability of these mobile solutions are improving the identification experience for police officers and citizens and are becoming ben- eficial for community relations.
The continuing advances in fingerprint technology and soft- ware solutions will ensure that modern police forces that deploy these devices will benefit from improved effi-
ciency, and these same benefits will be extended
into broader law enforcement applications.
Russell Megonigal is the senior product manager for Biometric Hardware at HID Global.
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