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Healthcare Security 52
An Indispensable Role
Why single source technology integrations join during early phases of construction of hospitals and clinics
By Jeff Elliott
Event Security 58
Supporting Security Services
Wireless mesh networks play a vital role during extraordinary circumstances
By Angela Quinn
Law Enforcement 62
Precise Analytics
Technology provides the greatest ally in speed and accuracy for substance analyzers
By Ginger Xu
Cloud Security 66
Combating Security Risks
Various defenses needed to ensure risks, mitigations are under control
By Cliff Krahenbill
Access Control 68
A Larger Security Puzzle
Data center access control starts at the fence line
By Toby Bostwick
Industry Focus 6
Turning the Tide Back to Security
By Ralph C. Jensen
Security Today Solutions 72
Advertising Index 73
Industry Professional 74
Making a Difference
Audio notifications are a critical assistant for campus alerting
By Pat Scheckel
Today’s world stage comes complete with volatile times
and acts of terrorism
By Corey Meredith
Guard Services: The
Logistics of Event Security
Hospital Security
Securing a Hospital Campus
Protecting parking, pedestrians and entries to the campus facility
By Stephen Martorano
Artificial Intelligence 22
On the Cutting Edge
Implementing AI for efficiency during growth and development
By Jeff Montoya
Sporting Complex Security 34
An Entertainment District
The expanding role of sport arenas’ security By Mark McCormack
Social Distancing will be Prominent When Sporting Complexes Reopen
By Jeff Ford
Critical Infrastructure 44
Backbone Support
Site protection requires training, vigilance and the latest elec- tronic equipment
By John Nemerofsky
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