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ning. Every venue requires its own specific strategy and road-map which includes extensive facility orientation.
Advance planning requires teamwork with the venue’s facility management and local law enforcement to put together a “best practices” methodology that can be used to address a myriad of emergency scenarios.
DHS Safety Certification
The ASIS safety certification program, which my compa- ny has secured, is the first and only program of its kind to be awarded a coveted Designation by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) under the Support Anti-Terrorism by Fostering Effective Technology (SAFETY) Act of 2002. The purpose of the SAFETY Act is to ensure that the threat of liability does not deter manufacturers of anti-terrorism technologies from devel- oping and commercializing new products that could significantly reduce the risks or effects of terrorist events.
Companies that supply products and services that can be used to detect, defend against, or respond to acts of terrorism can ap- ply for and receive coverage under the law. Event security firms should declare their commitment to the DHS Safety Act by ap- plying and receiving this critical safety designation as it demon- strates to clients that the company has a system of risk and liabil- ity management benefits in place to providers of anti-terrorism products and services.
Ever-evolving Technology
Technology is constantly changing. Security supervisors put into place a network of people, processes and technology to deter and mitigate threats. Law enforcement is a partner with physical se- curity and may ask to access video footage. Today’s access control
“People want to know they are going to events and venues that are safe and secure. Guests are accommodating to waiting in line for bag checks or pat- downs because they understand the overall purpose event security has for mandating these initiatives.”
includes biometrics with video analytics with facial recognition. Video analytics is also able to measure and gauge crowd be- havior, detect suspicious packages, and instantly alert security
and law enforcement so that preemptive action can be deployed. Social media platforms are monitored using specific key word analytics to assess if there are any potential issues that are hap-
Security professionals and law enforcement are able to work
together to leverage multiple technologies and share information to understand and mitigate potential threats.
Ultimately, it is vitally important to determine the policies and procedures that are in place that allow security personnel, law enforcement and other entities to effectively work together as a blended team. Understanding what the policies and procedures are for all concerned parties enables them to work cohesively to better mitigate the risk for any and all types of threats.
Corey Meredith is president of Allied Universal Events Services. JULY/AUGUST 2020 | SECURITY TODAY

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