Page 25 - Security Today, July/August 2020
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“Well-executed event security has the power to create magical moments and memorable experiences for live audiences with safety and security as a first mindset.”
By Corey Meredith
says that he “loves live entertainment and live music” and feels like he has “the best job in the world because he is able to “cre- ate magical moments and memorable ex- periences for live audiences.”
Experienced, trained security profes- sionals, who are licensed, and who have un- dergone background checks and drug test- ing, are the foundation of event security.
Continual Training Vitally Important
Detailed, comprehensive training is vi- tally important for event security person- nel. Training methods include classroom training, field training, hands-on simulation training, table top exercises, workshops, E- learning, certification courses, Guard Card courses and annual refresher classes.
Event security is a dynamic sector that demands that the security professionals engage in extensive training which in- cludes how to deliver First Aid and CPR, understanding the signs and symptom of heat stress, how to handle attendee slips, trips and falls, workplace fire safety, work- place violence and active shooter, emer- gency response and disaster planning, hazardous materials and best practices for arenas, stadiums and amphitheaters.
In addition, there is venue specific train- ing including crowd management that in- cludes technical and guest services skills, line control, front of stage, ushers, roamers and overall venue security and safety.
Training on how to effectively commu- nicate is of paramount importance. We call this ‘verbal judo’ which is learning how to stay calm in the midst of conflict, deflecting verbal abuse, and offering empathy.
Supervisors essential. Event security professionals should have an open line of communication to their supervisors. A 10 to 1 ratio of security professionals to supervisor is recommended to ensure that there’s continual communication and that expectations are exceeded.
Details, details and more details. Event security entails far more than staffing the venue with security personnel. The process is complex and requires extensive coordi- nation, communication and advance plan-
a multi-faceted role that includes alcohol enforcement, audience management, bike patrol, crowd control, ID checkers, 24- hour event security, access control, park- ing services, red carpet staff, ticket takers,
ushers and VIP/talent escort. Event secu- rity professionals wear business attire for VIP escort and red-carpet events, with their attire varying accordingly dependent on what other roles they assume.
Given the world stage we all live on which includes volatile times and acts of terrorism, people want to know they are going to events and venues that are safe and secure. Guests want to see security at these shows.
Guests are accommodating to waiting in line for bag checks or pat-downs be- cause they understand the overall purpose event security has for mandating these ini- tiatives. Well-executed event security has the power to create magical moments and memorable experiences for live audiences with safety and security as a first mindset.
Event security is fluid and ever-changing with crowd movement and dynamics. Dur- ing these turbulent times, ensuring the safety and security of event participants at enter- tainment conferences like National Associa- tion of Music Merchants (NAMM or other high-profile events including the Academy Awards, NASCAR, NBA or NFL sport- ing events demands the use of cutting-edge technology paired with well-trained, highly screened security professionals.
Staffing is Critical
Hands-down, employees are the most valuable assets of any event security com- pany. It is vitally important for an event se- curity firm to adhere to strict guidelines for hiring and training. In addition, the event se- curity’s management team should be coach- es and mentors to all front-line employees.
Through the combined capabilities of Allied Universal, our event services divi- sion is now a single-source solution for ev- erything from temporary staffing, consult- ing and security for all events. Our event services team addresses convention, sport- ing and concert events and trade show’s complex challenges from a security and staffing perspective.
Event security staff gravitate to this sector, often, because they enjoy and thrive in its multi-faceted and exciting en- vironment. For example, a senior executive member of my team, Thushan Rajapaksa,

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