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CyberLock conveniently replaces existing
mechanical locks with a powerful access
control system featuring rugged CyberLock
cylinders, CyberKey smart keys, and a net-
work of communication devices. Using the
CyberAudit software, permissions for each lock
can be changed effortlessly, enabling immediate and pre-
cise control over access to your entry points. Additionally, every time
a CyberKey meets a CyberLock, a time-stamped record is stored in the lock
and key, providing administrators with full visibility of all access attempts. Over 380 Cyber- Lock cylinders have been designed to seamlessly retrofit into existing hardware, allowing control over access to doors, cabinets, padlocked gates, equipment, safes, and more. The CyberKey provides power to the CyberLock, eliminating the need for costly hardwiring. Un- like mechanical locks, CyberLock cylinders have a sealed design that negates standard lock picking tools and unique access codes that bind the cylinder and key to one system, mean- ing CyberKey smart keys are not susceptible to mechanical duplication. With more lock designs and ways to connect, CyberLock brings complete access control to any location.
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CyberLock Inc.
1105 NE Circle Boulevard Corvallis, OR 97330
Tel: 541-738-5500 Fax: 541-738-5501
Innovative, Dependable Engineering
at the Core of Every CyberLock
» Over 380 lock designs retrofit into existing hardware
» Control key permissions in the field via smartphone or Wi-Fi connection
» Unique sealed keyway prevents mechanical picking techniques
» NEVER rekey again
To purchase CyberLock or join the CyberLock Partner Program contact us at | 541-738-5500
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