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UBC Campus Security Operations Manager Ali Mojdehi said. “That was something based on our feedback, and [the company was] accom- modating to our feedback which made it a more positive experience.”
Universities should always work with the the companies supplying their product to create the most effiecient and useful tool for their campus. Whether it’s the paint, graphics, configurations or more, the company will strive to make sure universities are able to find the right solution.
"We understand that the needs for each of our customers are going to be different,” Code Blue Chief Design Officer David Fleming said. “That is why we offer a number of unique modifications to suit their specific applications, plus the flexibility to create custom solutions when they require an even more personalized experience.”
UBC also made a change to the wording on its Help Points in an effort to encourage the student population to engage in more open communication with UBC safety and security personnel.
“We feel it is one of those systems that students can engage with quickly and access help if needed,” Mojdehi said. “One thing we did was change the wording from ‘emergency’ to ‘assistance.’ We found that people may not feel or know if it was an emergency for security or police. To make them feel more comfortable and make us more acces- sible, we had the units say assistance.”
That subtle-yet-effective change has resulted in more calls, which hopefully is giving the entire campus community the peace of mind that help is available at the touch of a button.
The entire campus population should feel comfortable pushing the button on a blue light phone. Students have more than enough to think about during the semester. Why should safety be one of them? Having
the access to request help quickly and easily hopefully will help them both feel safe and be safe.
Regardless of the application, tragic campus incidents involving active shooters, vehicle attacks, bomb threats and other dangerous incidents unfortunately have proven that it’s vital for universities and colleges to have the proper tools in place that allow
the campus community an opportunity to easily communicate with first responders when help is needed most.
Michael Zuidema is the Marketing Operations Manager for Code Blue Corp.
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SINCE 1979
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