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Security Systems form 360° of Protection: Reliable power is critical.
Minuteman’s complete line of power protection solutions forms a barrier between the security system and the potential power problems it can face. Solutions include Surge Protection for non-vital equipment, and Uninterruptible Power Supplies for mission critical hardware, along with Power Distribution and Remote Power Management accessories to make setup and maintenance simple.
Power protection products not only defend the systems you sell, but contribute greatly to the bottom line. Every piece of hardware that uses utility power is an opportunity for an add-on.
A security system is only as strong as its weakest link. Power protection solutions from Minute- man will ensure power remains constant, so cameras keep rolling, facilities stay secure, and business continues after power problems strike.
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PRO-RT Series
• AutomaticVoltageRegulation
• 2 models: 1000 & 1500VA
• Rack/Tower/Wall Convertible
• 8 Outlets (6 batt., 2 surge)
• 3-year warranty w/ battery coverage
ETR Series
• AutomaticVoltageRegulation • Modelsfor550to1500VA
• LCDStatusDisplay
• Ultra-CompactTowerDesign • IndependentBatteryBypass
Sizing Assistance
• TaketheguessworkoutofUPS selection
• Vastsecurityequipmentdatabase
• Gethundredsofsolutionssortedby runtime, product line, or MSRP
PRO Series UPSs - Ultimate Security Protection
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