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complex. Pushing a button initiates the absence of voltage test from outside the equipment before doors and cover are removed, reducing exposure to electrical hazards. ThThe steps performed by an AVT are automated, leading to a consistent and effifficient process performing steps that typically take anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes in less than ten seconds.
In addition to reducing exposure to electrical hazards, reducing downtime and generating labor savings, AVTs help minimize human performance factors that often lead to incidents with portable test instruments. Specific Absence of Voltage Testers reliably meet or exceed UL 1436. NFPA 70E/CSA Z462 acknowledges the benefits and allows permanently mounted AVTs to be used as an alternative to handheld testers when verifying the absence of voltage.
Marty Kronz is Manager of Business Development for Panduit product line – Prevention through Design (PtD). In this role, he leads the PtD business team defining its strategy, identifying problems, and developing innovative electrical safety solutions. Marty is a member of IEEE, presenter for IEEE IAS Atlanta, and active participant of IEEE standards development relevant to electrical safety. He has held a variety of engineering and business roles with Panduit. Marty has led many successful projects to include the development of electrical product groups, manufacturing tooling, and data-communications cable management accessories. Marty graduated from Brown
University achieving a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and was an offifficer in the United States Army.
Rachel Bugaris is a Distinguished Engineer at Panduit Corp., where her work focuses on electrical safety solutions for the workplace. With a background in Research and Development, she has developed products ranging from absence of voltage testers to arc- resistant equipment and worked with many industrial organizations to develop standards and best practices for safety technology. Rachel has a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Notre Dame. She has multiple patents and has written several technical papers on electrical safety topics.
Alan Bond is a Product Manager for Panduit product line, Prevention through Design (PtD). Panduit’s PtD products deliver safer solutions for control and power distribution applications specific to the hazards found in the electrical workplace. Alan manages PtD product lifecycles, marketing strategies, aligns cross functional activities and condenses customer requirements into actionable products. Alan has worked in the Defense and Lighting industries in product development and management roles. He has led multiple successful product launches and process improvements that include data center maintenance programs, Land Mobile Radio (LMR) mechanical and electrical system design, luminaire product developments and operational process improvements.
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