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Cesare Andrea Ferrari/
Protecting Entertainment Industry Workers from Hearing Loss
Harm to the ears is irreversible. Every industry must take steps
to mitigate excessive noise hazards.
Noise is more than a nuisance. It’s responsible for the most prevalent occupational disease in the world. Sudden blasts of sound and prolonged exposure to excessive noise levels can cause life-changing damage because the
harm to the ears is irreversible, resulting in noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL).
Protecting entertainment industry workers is challenging because the very nature of the job means that high sound levels
and special effects are often part and parcel of enticing customers through the door. However, NIHL diminishes quality of life, regardless of how it is caused.
OSHA’s regulations for occupational exposure to noise are applicable to all workplaces in the private sector, including night clubs, dance halls and other places of entertainment. Employers are expected to take appropriate measures to protect their employees who are exposed to excessive noise levels.
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