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the supply chain) more effifficient helps businesses grow without having to add more personnel, thereby supporting better staffff utilization and helping offffset labor shortages.
Data Transparency. Using DG shipping software for automation requires and enables the collection of complete and accurate hazmat data, including detailed information about a product’s components, dimensions and origins, helping organizations and their supply chain partners to make smart, efficient and compliant decisions.
Training. Even with increased automation, training is still required for employees involved in shipping, handling and transporting DG. Adopting a modern, tech-driven approach to hazmat training through eLearning helps businesses quickly and effectively train and recertify employees—and do so remotely—something that has become increasingly beneficial due to the recent surge of remote workers.
Financial Performance. Automating
DG shipment validation helps avoid fines
and maintain lean operations by ensuring
all shipments are compliant. It also lets
organizations discover new revenues
by meeting the demand for hazardous
materials that competitors may bypass
due to complexity, potential costs of ciMvil
penalties or the potential for dangerous
validation fast, simple and accurate, so operations can focus on growing revenues
ThThe good news is that DG automation is easier than you might think. Your organization likely already has the product and shipping information and the workforce it needs. Investing in DG technology, and then integrating it into your other systems and processes, will further enhance your automation efforts
and ultimately allow you to reduce operating costs while maintaining supply chain integrity and protecting your employees, customers and business.
Mario Sagastume is Vice President of Software & Customer Success for Labelmaster.
incidents. Automation makes shipment
rather than unexpected costs.
Dangerous Goods Automation Disruptions within the supply chain are compelling organizations to place greater focus on automation and risk management. Organizations who embrace and implement DG-specific automation further position themselves for success in today’s fast-paced and quickly changing climate.
However, if left ignored, inefficient, manual compliance processes will remain a major gap in an organization’s automation efforts and can significantly slow down the entire supply chain and put the company at risk. These manual inefficiencies will manifest themselves as poor experiences and delayed shipments for your customers.
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