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New To EHS? Don’t Let Training Fall Through the Cracks
Training software can help ensure your training program is effective.
Whether you’ve joined a new company or have been promoted from within, taking on an EHS management role can be daunting. You’re responsible for assessing processes and determining where to update existing safety protocols or implement new ones. You’ll be called on to collaborate across teams to identify and fix on-site hazards before they can lead to serious incidents. You’re also charged with overseeing compliance with myriad safety standards and for reporting the performance of EHS programs to company leadership.
With so many responsibilities in your new role, inevitably— and normally unintentionally—some tasks will be overshadowed by others. Unfortunately, one of the most often overlooked obligations is training. Ensuring workplace EHS training meets applicable regulations, standards and best practices is a fundamental responsibility for EHS professionals and is also one of the most challenging. Year after year, on OSHA’s list of top ten violations, training failures are among the most-cited provisions of cited standards.
Let’s look at why safety training is so important and ways software
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