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Employees in this pandemic-era want employers to care about their health, and some are even leaving their jobs if they feel like employers aren’t prioritizing their health and wellness.
Clinicians can assist in providing realistic, healthier solutions for those employees’ lifestyles.
Supporting Proactive and Preventive Care
In today’s “new normal,” employers that put an emphasis on supporting employee health and well-being will be well- positioned to keep their workforce happy and motivated. Onsite health screenings are an effective way to help employees manage
Fall Protection is All We Do
their health without having to lose work time. ThThis level of employer support can boost employee satisfaction and lead to greater levels of productivity and engagement. For employers, this means projects are completed faster, employees spend less time out of the offiffice and teams are better aligned. Health screenings are a key component for creating a culture of care and concern that empowers employees to care for their own health and well- being.
Michelle D. Smith is Director of Advanced Practice, Pivot Onsite Innovations.
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Your System, Our Liability
As your nationwide fall protection partner, we’re with you every step of the way. From installation to certification, we’ll engineer a safety solution that eliminates your liability, ensures OSHA compliance, and keeps your team safe.
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