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Tingley is excited to announce the Flite Safety Toe Work Shoe, an extension to the highly successful Flite Knee Boot product line. Flite Work Shoes are injection molded from Aerex 1.5.5 for
a seamless construction that is 100 percent liquid proof. There are millions of tiny air pockets trapped in the material to help keep your feet warmer in the cold and cooler in the heat.
The comfort of these work shoes is enhanced with a removable, cushioned insole that absorbs shock and wicks moisture.
HEMCO’s New Laboratory Applications Emergency Shower Booths are available with finished side exterior panels. HEMCO Decontamination Booths
are fully assembled and ready for installation to water supply and waste systems. The shower is molded one piece seamless of chemical resistant fiberglass and is equipped with a
pull rod activated shower and push handle eye/face wash for immediately drenching of personnel that have been exposed to hazardous chemicals.
Hy-Brid Lifts introduced Intelligent
Controls, offering intuitive and safe
operation of lifts. The new Controller
Area Network (CAN) bus controls come standard on all Pro Series Hy-Brid Lift
models, and replace the previous hard-
wired controls. With features including
a diagnostics display, indoor/outdoor
selection and movement controls, the
panel makes operation easier than
ever. The Intelligent Controls includes
selection buttons for lifting and driving
control which engages steering and
forward and backward motion controls. CRIPR_CFLiElte3r0m8isOt_NACdA_RODHS_852.qxp_Layout_1.qxd 1/7/
Keep Your Shop Air Clean and Your Team Safe and Healthy!
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$4500+ of
Training. Go to...
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Check-out our Best Offer - the “$999 SafetyPoints® Ultimate Package”. You to train in the classroom or use on your Learning Management System (LMS) for online training.
Here what the package contains; 400+ Editable PowerPoints / Tests for classroom training
SCORM 1.2 zips for LMS install Articulate 360 course templates for online version course editing
Use PPTs, audio and quizzes with tools for online development (iSpring / Adobe Captivate, Presenter etc.)
Easy Edit Safety manual, Employee Handbook (WORD) and more.
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Radians recently launched several
new winter products with multi-
purpose designs. The SJ610B is a feature-packed garment designed for functionality and convenience in multiple seasons. Wind and water resistant, this jacket has an outer parka and a zip-
out reversible bomber with removable sleeves. The clever design allows you to wear all the pieces together as a complete system in extreme conditions or wear separately as a parka, bomber jacket or vest depending on the weather conditions or your activity level.
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