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ThThese cryogenic cooling methods rely on liquid nitrogen, which requires some special precautions.
When liquid nitrogen is involved, you need to be concerned about leaks. Similar to CO2, liquid nitrogen also displaces oxygen. In rooms with cryogenic coolers, a nitrogen leak will fifill the room and deplete oxygen. Entering a room with a leak without first knowing whether it’s safe to do so may result in death. This is why gas monitors are key to worker safety.
Many medical facilities have specific health and safety standards to maintain when using potentially dangerous materials. In some hospitals, for instance, local fire departments and agencies require oxygen monitoring when liquid nitrogen is being used.
While labs and facilities that produce the vaccine are likely to use fixed monitors to monitor health and safety standards long term, portable, easy-to-use gas monitors with oxygen sensors are useful for facilities that might not have a gas detection program in place. Interchangeable sensors enable gas detectors to quickly adapt to situations where it is necessary to monitor unsafe levels of oxygen, for instance, when storing vaccines during a global pandemic.
Keep Basic Safety in Mind
With the dangers of COVID-19 so clear, it can be easy to forget about invisible gas hazards. However, it is important to monitor low oxygen levels and high carbon dioxide levels when transporting
You can’t risk hazardous
gasses putting people in danger, thus delaying a time sensitive vaccine.
and storing the COVID-19 vaccine. It could mean the difference between a safe situation and a potentially life-threatening one.
Whether it’s a rush request from medical labs, hospitals or air or ground transport, the vaccines need to move quickly and with the safety of workers in mind. This means you can’t risk hazardous gases putting people in danger, thus delaying a time- sensitive vaccine. Look for a gas detection partner that can serve you, so that you can serve others.
Dave Wagner is director of applications engineering and product knowledge at Industrial Scientific.
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