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We are the Voluntary
Protection Programs
Association (VPPPA).
Every VPPPA member has at least one thing in common: a passion for safety and health excellence. Membership in VPPPA provides something for everyone in the safety industry. Featuring resources for both blue- and white-collar workers to learn, network and grow
professionally, VPPPA is here for you to advance in your field. VPPPA Member Benefits
Free access to top-notch webinars via our online webinar library.
Subscriptions to VPPPA’s award-winning quarterly magazine, the Leader.
Discounts to both regional and national VPPPA events.
Numerous networking opportunities available both online and in-person.
A robust mentoring program to help your site achieve, or maintain, VPP Star status.
Celebrating 100 years of safety & sustaining it for the next 100 years...
1940: Six coal mine blasts (that killed 276 men) led to the Federal Coal Mine Inspection and Investigation Act of 1941.
1940s    1960s
1954: Robert F. Borkenstein, an Indiana State Police officer, developed the Breathalyzer.
1970: President Richard M. Nixon signed the Occupational Safety and Health Act.
1920s: Railroad and automobile traffic control safety systems were invented.

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