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  Entrada Ramp
The Entrada commercial ramp has been designed to provide access to offices, schools, munic- ipalities and modular buildings. This ramp is ADA, IBC, BOCA and OSHA compliant and is designed to meet most federal and state code requirements. A wide range of ramp lengths and plat- form sizes enables customers
to choose the components required to build ramp systems that meet their specific needs and configurations.
American Access
(888) 790-9269
AMF-Bruns’ SmartRamps are made of non-slip, perforated aluminum that’s ultra strong and lightweight. The ramps
are center folding and fitted with quick-locking systems
that are easy to operate, with two handles and a pneumatic absorber. Choose from a straight fold-up or a swiv- el-mounted model: Both meet ADA regulations for paratransit use. These robust ramps are 20G collision tested.
AMF-Bruns of America
(877) 506-3770
   UL-Certified Pool Lifts
Aqua Creek now has several pool lifts that have been tested and UL-certified to comply with the new UL Pool Lift Standard 60335-2-1000. The Admiral Lift (pictured), the Scout 2 lift, the Revolution Lift, the Elite Lift
and the Ultra lift all have UL certification, and additional Aqua Creek models are currently undergoing testing.
Aqua Creek Products
(888) 687-3552
   Turny Evo Seat
The Turny Evo rotating seat creates a safer way to get in and out of vehicles. It is designed for people with limited mobility, including wheelchair users who can transfer into a vehicle seat. The Turny Evo fits more than 150 vehicles, such as full-size vans, pickup trucks, minivans and SUVs. The seat is fully powered to rotate, extend, and move up, down or backward, and it can be installed in the driver, passenger or mid-row seat positions, depending on the vehicle.
(800) 488-0359
    EZ Edge Ramps
These durable, slip-resistant ramps are designed to be easy to install, modify and use. The sloped sides allow a wheelchair, scooter or rollator to enter doorways from any angle. The solid rubber ramps can be easily trimmed to fit different heights and to fit around doorjambs.
EZ Edge threshold ramps are available at multiple heights and meet the recommended 1:12 slope ratio.
Diestco Mfg. Corp.
(800) 795-2392
   Vertical Home Lift
Mac’s PL-50, PL-72 and PL-90 vertical home lifts are designed and engineered for everyday use, with a 750-lb. weight capacity and virtually mainte- nance-free operation. The lifts operate in all weather condi- tions from -30° to +120°F and are weather proofed and sealed. The lifts operate on a 110 VAC and draw 7 amps when in use. Includes an emergency manual crank and five-year warranty.
Mac’s Lift Gate
(800) 795-6227
An attendant-operated stair climber, the LIFTKAR PT works on angled, straight and curved stairs. The PT-U model attaches to a manual wheelchair and
can accommodate nearly all standard, transport, sport or pediatric chairs. The PT-S model (pictured) has a built-in seat and doesn’t require a wheelchair for operation; the passenger can be wheeled inside/outside while onboard. The LIFTKAR PT can be used on all sorts of stairs and disassembles to fit into a car.
Mobility Lifter
(615) 530-1374
   Liberty Series
The Liberty series comprises maintenance-free aluminum ramps with non-slip, solid deck surfaces. The ramps are ADA compliant and can be quickly installed. A continuous handrail from the ground to a home’s front door provides greater safety and peace of mind for people with mobility limitations or those who use wheelchairs or scooters for personal transportation.
National Ramp
(877) 884-7267

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