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   Commander 450
This newly engineered, exterior powered boom-style lift provides a user-friendly
lift for pickup trucks. The fast-loading/ unloading Commander 450 has a 450-lb. lifting capacity for heavier power chairs and scooters, and it’s available in 2- and 3-axis con gurations. The lift is designed to be durable, with the ability to lift and lower mobility devices to the ground over the truck’s tailgate. Features a standard single- seat post or 4-point seat post carabiner
kit, telescoping mounting brackets, and a waterproof push-button hand control.
Pride Mobility Products
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The QLK-150 boasts features and options unique to this system: more ground clearance, a seamless dash control, and an advanced stabilizer. The QLK-150 o ers a perfect solution for mobility users who drive their own automotive vehicles or want to quickly secure their wheelchairs. In addition to a complete lineup of brackets for today’s most popular wheelchairs, the QLK-150 has a range of exclusive brackets for chairs that can only be secured by using the QLK-150.
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    WHILL Securement
Q’Straint’s QLK-150 bracket is now available to secure the WHILL Model M power wheel- chair and Model A personal mobility device inside automotive vehicles. The QLK-150 is “iQ certi ed,” meaning it’s passed Q’Straint’s crash test — which is on par with the auto- motive industry standard of 30 mph/20Gs. Plus, Q’Straint ran the WHILL devices through a series of real-life user obstacles, including various types of terrain, to make sure the Q’Straint bracket interface didn’t interfere with the WHILL devices’ functions and maneuvers.
(800) 987-9987
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