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  PATHWAY System
This versatile, feature-rich ramp system is uniquely engineered to allow for maximum  exibility in design and con guration, as well as quick installation. Universal components, interchangeable handrails and multiple surface options provide a superior solution for residential ramp access. The aluminum  nish can be powdercoated for further customization to the environment. The PATHWAY 3G Modular Access System has
a 1,000-lb. weight capacity and a lifetime warranty. Made in the U.S.A.
(800) 451-1903
   SL300 Pinnacle
Harmar’s newest Pinnacle model combines premium features with a compelling price point. The SL300 (with a 300-lb. lifting capacity) requires zero maintenance and boasts compact dimensions, lengthy oper- ation in power outages and an automatic/ mechanical folding rail option. Fold-up armrests and the seat base have an 11" folded width when not in use. An ergonomic hand control switch on the armrest makes for easy operation, while an oversized foot- rest o ers comfort and security. A patented nylon polymer gear with helical work drive featuring six points of contact provides ultimate stability and a smooth ride.
(800) 833-0478
    Door Opener
Open Sesame’s Model 133 operator works as a full swing door and is great for residential installations. Model 233 works as a closer, which is e cient in public access locations (or in private homes, for users who want
a closer system). Both systems can be operated via remote control devices that can unlatch a locked door, swing the door open, pause, then close. Door resistance can be adjusted, and the door continues to work manually when desired.
Open Sesame Door Systems
(800) 673-6911

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