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Amysystems Moves to New
Quebec Headquarters
An artist’s rendering of Amysystems’ new headquarters in Dorion, Quebec. The company moved in January.
Power wheelchair and seating manufacturer Amysystems has relocated to a new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Quebec.
While the official move-in date was Feb. 6, Amysystems’ VP of sales and marketing, Rob Travers, said the company made the move a little early and was actually fully operational as of Jan. 28.
Amysystems’ new address is 3190 F.X. Tessier, Vaudreuil- Dorion, QC, Canada, J7V5V5. The company’s phone
and fax numbers as well as e-mail addresses will remain the same.
The reason for the big move?
“The size of our building has increased by 3.5 times,” Travers said.
“It was necessary to adapt to our current and future needs as we grow. We’ve been in here since [Jan. 28], and we’re functional in our new facility already. Production, CSR, tech support, marketing and engineering are all functional.”
Amysystems expected to spend the following few weeks finalizing the big move to its new headquarters, which will house all company operations, including future product research and development and testing.
The company celebrates its 20th anniversary this year.
Amysystems recently introduced a new generation of its Alltrack power wheelchair series, and it's also well known for its powered seating systems, including multiple types of tilt, plus recline, seat elevation and elevating legrests, to fit its own power wheelchairs and power wheelchairs from a long list of other manufacturers. Amysystems designs and builds customized and custom-fit powered seating and positioning systems, created for highly involved complex rehab clients, and offers pediatric, adult and bariatric power chairs.
See Amysystems’ power wheel- chair and seating offerings in booth 212 at March's International Seating Symposium, Nashville, Tenn. l
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