Page 60 - GCN, May 2016
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Virtualized web
Immersive video
Virtual and augmented reality technology has real potential for training and other public-sector missions, but capturing the imagery to create those immersive experiences is no small task. Facebook’s Surround 360 camera and stitching code can help — and both are being open-sourced this summer to reduce the barriers to entry.
DNA storage
Storing data — in growing quantities, for ever-longer durations and with rapid retrieval — is a challenge that could be addressed with DNA. Scientists at the University of Washington have tested a system that allows for true random access (a stumbling block for previous DNA-based experiments), can maintain integrity for 2,000 years and stores data several million times more densely than traditional digital technologies — all in a tiny drop of DNA.
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Standard web browsers and
typical users can make for a risky combination, yet closing off the Internet is not really a security option for most agencies. Authentic8’s Silo solution shifts the browser from the desktop to the cloud, where secure containers keep the user insulated and — if desired — anonymous.
Tech we hope to see in the public sector

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