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Laser communications transmitters & modems
U.S. space exploration ambi- tions have grown in recent years, and so has the need for fast and reliable communica- tions that can move data faster and across greater distances.
Grants Analytics Portal
Excella’s Grants Analytics Portal has brought data- driven audits, evaluations and investigations to the oversight of $494 billion in grants to 21,000 recip- ients by the Department of Health and Human Ser- vices’ Office of Inspector General (OIG).
Using agile and human- centered design, Excella created a data visualiza- tion platform that allows investigators to easily detect vulnerabilities, assign risk scores and identify bad actors.
OIG employees previ- ously spent hours manu- ally searching through the more than 30,000 docu- ments they collect each year. Now they can query a neural network data- base that uses an artifi- cial intelligence model to identify key information in the text of audit results and pinpoints irregular patterns. The results are presented to users in an easy-to-read format, sav- ing time and money.
CACI International is using its 2019 acquisi- tion of LGS Innovations to build technolo- gies to meet this challenge.
The company’s Photonic Solutions team has won three NASA contracts to build a high-precision laser transmitter for broad- band communications with existing space- craft, such as the International Space Sta- tion, and future spacecraft that will head to the moon, Mars and beyond.
Advances in system architecture, data formatting and component technology have made laser communications a viable approach for inter-satellite links and direct links-up hundreds of millions of miles from Earth. For crewed spaceflight applications, these links are a lifeline.
CFO Control Tower
cBEYONData’s CFO Control Tower is a software-as-a-service solution for financial management and decision support that helps financial professionals comply with require- ments such as the Digital Accountability and Transparency Act and the Treasury Depart- ment’s financial management and budget
standardization initiative.
CFO Control Tower is a data warehouse model for budget,
financial and travel data that brings in information from the Federal Procurement Data System. Users can retrieve prebuilt reports and generate their own. It also integrates with business intelligence and analytical tools.
The Justice Department uses CFO Control Tower to meet man- dates from the Office of Management and Budget to improve its ability to share data with Congress and the public. The tool replaces a manual process for reconciling internal and external data for reporting and transparency purposes.

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