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Industry Innovators
Aveshka uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to drive its data analytics engine, dubbed Candor. Nat- ural language processing capabilities enable Candor to extract data and information about people, places and
events to give analysts a better understanding of sentiment and customer conversations.
The solution has been used throughout the COVID-19 pandemic to provide government deci- sion-makers with real-time data to help determine reopening procedures and safety protocols.
Candor also created a geospatial visualization capability for federal Emergency Support Func- tion 13 teams, which provide public safety and security assistance to local, state, tribal, territo- rial and federal organizations during natural and manmade disasters and acts of terrorism. The plat- form provides a clear operating picture based on real-time data that helps users allocate resources effectively.
BEYONDTRUST Endpoint privilege management
In a world of stolen identities, phished passwords and deep security fakes, simply trusting users and systems is not enough. When BeyondTrust was created in 2018 from the merger of four compa- nies — Avecto, Lieberman Software, Bomgar and BeyondTrust — this was the very challenge its leaders wanted to tackle.
The new BeyondTrust combined those companies’ solutions into a single, integrated offering to address the challenge of privileged access management.
An early adopter was Savannah River Nuclear Solutions, which man- ages the government’s Savannah River Site (SRS) nuclear reservation. BeyondTrust’s solution allowed SRS officials to integrate stronger access control into existing technologies and pull in other third-party solutions, including help-desk applications and vulnerability scanners. BeyondTrust has reduced the attack surface for SRS by ensuring that users only have access to the applications they need to do their jobs.
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