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Business applications enabled by edge computing include autonomous delivery, machine control, environmental monitoring, fleet vehicle diagnostics, vision-based analytics and defect detection.
Generating insights at the edge
The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency turned to AWS devices because
it needed to capture and process data while disconnected from the cloud. NGA compiles and moves a massive amount of data around the world — for example, maps of the entire ocean floor. In one year, NGA ingested more than 12 million images and generated more than 50 million indexed observations, 75 percent of which were
derived from automated algorithms. NGA officials estimated that they would need 8 million analysts to manually process the ever-growing images the agency captures.
They needed a fast solution at the tactical edge to support the military and intelligence leaders who rely on the agency’s data
and insights, so NGA implemented AWS Snowball Edge with AWS IoT Greengrass
to automate imagery analysis using machine learning. Now commanders have the ability
to ingest, discover and exploit data via a common repository that can be shared across teams.
That’s just one example of how agencies can use rugged, flexible edge devices to collect data and generate insights where and when it makes the most sense for them.
Lorraine Bassett is principal technical business development leader for IoT at AWS worldwide public sector.
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