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By having access to intelligence right where data is being generated and analyzed, frontline workers can be empowered to make data- driven, timely decisions.
will draw out more predictive insights and analytics.
There are three key considerations agencies should keep in mind when moving to edge computing. First, they should
think about it as part of a larger continuum alongside their core technologies, including cloud.
Second, agencies should design for consistency in management and orchestration. Regardless of where a
workload is running, a consistent approach helps agencies manage IT resources and costs and allows the organizations to scale and expand.
The third consideration is more far- reaching, but I encourage agency leaders
to think about the opportunities that edge computing opens up. What can you do
with faster analytics and the ability to produce and deliver intelligence to frontline teams around the world? What can you
enable those teams to do with that new intelligence? How can edge computing accelerate your agency’s mission?
At Dell Technologies, we are always looking for ways to help our agency partners use the latest technology, including edge computing, to achieve their goals.
Kirsten Billhardt is global marketing director for edge and IoT solutions at Dell Technologies.
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