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Aruba® IAP-205AccessPoint
IncludesAppRFTM webcontentfilteringandDPIformonitoring mobile app usage and network protection
CDW 3425931
Controllerless, cost-effective wireless design maximizes mobile device performance in medium-density environments.
• 802.11ac, 2x2 MIMO, 867Mbps per radio
• Two dual-band radios
Aruba IAP-275 Wireless Access Point
Outdoor wireless access point setting a higher standard for 802.11ac
CDW 4171652
Innovative and aesthetically designed outdoor WAP, delivering gigabitWi-Fi® performanceunderanyweatherconditions.
• Ruggedized for outdoors
• Innovative design eliminates installation complexity • Concurrent and high-speed, dual-radio operations • 3x3 MIMO, 1.3Gbps per radio
• Six integrated omnidirectional antennae
• Four integrated omnidirectional antennae or external detachable dual-band antennae
• Installs quickly and easily on any ceiling or wall
BlueCoat® SSLVisibilityApplianceSV800250MbpsCopper
Inspect, accelerate, comply
CDW 3546812
The majority of cyberthreats today are hiding in encrypted network traffic. Organizations risk financial loss and damaged reputations
if they do not address them. Blue Coat’s SSL Visibility Appliance, a key product within its Encrypted Traffic Management solution set, provides a cost-effective means to eliminate the encrypted traffic blind spot while preserving privacy, policy, compliance and the investment in the security infrastructure.
• Enforce policy to ensure data privacy and expose malware — offers complete visibility into encrypted traffic without requiring the duplication of security appliances or rearchitecting of network infrastructure
• Performance and scale — line-rate network performance, scalable flow-based processing, high connection rate/flow count, high availability
• Extensive interoperability and compatibility — extend ROI, network transparency, flexibility, application preservation, input aggregation, output mirroring
• Effective management and administration — management, email alerting, SSL session identification, Syslog reporting, policy enforcement
PulseSecure® ApplicanceSeries
Next-generation, multiservice secure appliance
Thesepurpose-builtforPulseSecure® advancedsecurityservices, the Pulse Secure Appliance (PSA) Series offers comprehensive visibility into endpoints for faster troubleshooting and reporting, while driving more efficient network operations and connectivity, regardless of device, network or location.
• High-performance hardware — impressive performance, scalability, and security to meet increasing networking demands
• Reduced time to service — designed with users in mind, easy to configure, install and deploy out of the box
• Dual-personality services — multiservice appliance purpose-built for Pulse Secure Connect Secure (SSL VPN) and Pulse Secure Policy Secure (NAC)
• Outstanding support — backed by a world-class technical support and threat research team

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