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A network operating at peak performance frees up your IT staff so they can focus on what’s really important, like helping your organization meet its goals and objectives. Whether virtualization, mobility or cloud computing, CDW•G can help you build a network that keeps you ready for the future.
A Seamless Transition
Starting with a comprehensive plan allows for smooth sailing into the wireless network future. By taking stock of your current structure, we can assess your network flow, ensure compatibility and create a blueprint for installing new access points and equipment.
A Network Easily Managed
Whether you want to offload all the management or just a little of it, we have the software and services available to make it happen. With the right management software, you can see usage statistics, view rogue access points and centralize your management. Add on our managed network services and we can give you day-to-day monitoring and maintenance so you and your IT staff can stay focused on future-forward projects.
If you’re ready to upgrade your wireless network, we have everything you need to meet your future needs including hardware, management and security:
Professional Services Personnel
Managed Devices
Pre-Sales Networking Solution Architects
Solution Architects
Custom Wireless Field Engagements
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