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transformation hubs, which houses teams working on live projects, some of them including academy students and graduates.
“What we’re saying now is, ‘Okay, if you’re coming through
the academy, you’ve got to have a place to go at the end of it,’” Stock says. “Often, it’s one of the projects that are running in the hub. You’ve got a pipeline effect there.”
So far, the Digital Academy
has delivered promising results. “This year, we trained up about a thousand people, roughly. Next year’s target is 9,000,” Cunnington says.
By any measure, six weeks is
a long time to pull productive employees away from their daily jobs. Cunnington admits it hasn’t always been easy, but “you have to determine what’s important and provide the executive support to
get on with it,” he says. Ultimately, the goal is not to
just focus on hubs and academies but to transform the whole
of DWP. With the philosophy “transformation is a team sport,” the DWP is working to achieve
the delivery capacity it needs by both building skills within the department and recruiting into the transformation hubs.
“All organizations are looking to attract the same talent, so our brand has to be attractive to those people,” notes Andrew Besford, head of business design at DWP. “At the moment, the recruitment process could be improved, and once we get people through
the door, we need to genuinely empower people and not just
pay lip service to empowerment, leaving people tied up in governance loops,” he adds.
DWP plans to work with local universities to get people with the right skills to work on digital services. n
William D. Eggers is director of public-sector research at Deloitte.
William D. Eggers discussed the government’s recent digital service efforts in an FCW Bookshelf Live Interview at the Acquire Conference and Expo. Watch the full discussion at
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