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When agencies have all the information they need, they can proactively look at their networks and see if something is developing that they haven’t seen before.
uncover anomalies such as employees who have access to a particular system that few or none of their peers are authorized to access.
That approach could also help agencies automate security compliance. When AI is used to analyze comprehensive sets of data, agencies can more readily ensure that they’re adhering to government mandates and following good cyber hygiene principles.
At Cloudera, we are constantly
expanding our ability to support agencies’ cybersecurity needs by building strategic alliances with other industry leaders. For example, our partnership with NVIDIA
is helping us accelerate our use of AI and increase our efficiency. NVIDIA’s expertise also contributes to our products’ scalability and effectiveness.
In addition, we have combined Cloudera’s Data Cloud with Raytheon Intelligence and Space’s REDPro platform
so that agencies can fully harness the power of their data, regardless of where that data lives.
Agencies have valuable data at their fingertips. By putting the latest technology to work, they can become more forward- thinking and develop stronger, more effective cybersecurity strategies.
Carolyn Duby is field CTO and cybersecurity lead at Cloudera.
There’s never been a better time to move
Delivering vaccines to millions Reducing winter weather
of people in months, not years. management operations from
2 days to 35 seconds.
The right data is a springboard for leaders who want to bring their vision to life faster, sooner. Cloudera’s enterprise data cloud platform helps our customers move their teams and their organizations forward to thrive. Data That Moves You

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