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NowSecure recently reviewed 1,700 apps on employees’ phones at one federal agency. We found that 98% had at least one vulnerability, and 22% received a failing grade.
at the Justice Department, employees request permission to add apps on GFE and in a relatively short amount of time receive confirmation that the app is safe for use or receive an explanation of why
it was not approved. Leveraging industry standards such as NIAP, FISMA or OWASP helps provide a structure for thorough evaluation and consideration of mobile app dependencies and data-sharing capabilities.
Stage three enables continuous monitoring of every new version of every app on the
network when it is released. Many of the most popular mobile apps are updated weekly or even daily, so agencies need a continuous monitoring model that will monitor those updates and catch new vulnerabilities or intentional injection of malicious behavior into apps previously deemed safe.
The NowSecure automated software continuously monitors all mobile apps offered for download in the app stores and also tests custom-built apps so agencies can achieve universal protection for their entire mobile app portfolios. Integrated into agencies’
mobile device management (MDM) services, NowSecure provides continuous app review and risk mitigation throughout the life
cycle and across an agency’s entire device population.
By understanding and addressing the risks associated with mobile apps, agencies can support employee productivity with mobile tools while protecting mission data on the device, in the apps and over the network.
Brian Reed is chief mobility officer at NowSecure.
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