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Improving the digital experience involves ensuring that citizens, businesses and employees can all solve their problems efficiently at each touchpoint.
centered on thorough user experience research and a well-aligned team to execute. As government agencies are learning how and where to best apply this, we are seeing great progress that should be celebrated and replicated.
As government CX maturity
grows, more standards, guidance and transparency can help federal agencies share what’s working and lessons learned and evaluate their progress and success.
The Office of Management and Budget just reinstated previous guidance (Part 6 of OMB Circular A-11) directing federal agencies to develop goals and track progress regarding CX and the delivery of government services.
Based on more than a decade of public service leading IT transformation and service delivery projects, I’m a strong
CX advocate and believe it’s important to establish clear targets for performance
improvements and the ability to measure them. OMB’s framework emphasizes data- driven goal setting, consistent reviews of progress and reporting of results.
Agencies focused on building CX capabilities to improve experiences can achieve higher levels of service, consistency and renewed public trust.
Jonathan Benett is technical director for government solutions at Adobe.
Digital Experiences that Put People First
Adobe’s trusted and proven enterprise solutions enable next-generation digital government. We change the game on how to design, anticipate, and deliver rapidly adaptable experiences across web, mobile, and any endpoint. Adobe solutions focus on driving insight and action to the constituent, service member and first responder.
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