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Digitally Transforming the Customer Experience
is a team sport
Jonathan Benett
Technical Director, Government Solutions, Adobe
also save time and effort for government employees, and they limit the opportunity for data entry errors, which further strain government resources and lead to an unsatisfactory experience for employees and citizens.
Improving CX is becoming a top priority for many government agencies. Rallying the organization behind the goals and enabling employees at each touchpoint in the customer’s journey can lead to positive outcomes that everyone can be proud of. Helping everyone understand who their customers are, the major tasks they want to complete and the pain points in each customer journey is critical to any CX strategy.
It can be helpful to have an agency senior leader, such as a chief customer officer, oversee all of the CX initiatives and bring the customer perspective to all conversations to drive the strategy agency-wide.
Impact: Committed to progress
The employee and customer experiences are mutually beneficial. Employees who deliver outstanding experiences to their customers take pride in the work they do. Communication and collaboration are essential. Articulating how employee effort and contributions impact the mission and delivery of the CX strategy is important. Doing this well will give employees a sense of purpose and a strong connection to agency goals.
A great experience is defined by the customer. Great experience design is
Opportunity: A new vision and strategy for improving CX
THE PANDEMIC ACCELERATED the move to digital services for agencies at all levels of government. Many agencies made improvements in a matter of months that they previously expected to take years and were able to shift their employees to remote work quickly.
Meanwhile, Americans now conduct banking transactions online, order groceries to be delivered or picked up curbside, attend telehealth appointments, and stream everything from exercise classes to the latest hit TV shows.
These types of everyday experiences further drive government services to all be easily accessible, seamless and available 24/7 from anywhere on any device.
Touchpoints: Moments that matter
CX encompasses all of the touchpoints that a customer has with an agency. Improving the digital experience involves ensuring that citizens, businesses and employees can all solve their problems efficiently at each touchpoint.
Many requests for government
services start with a form, which can
be a frustrating touchpoint. That’s why improving forms is an essential component of the 21st Century Integrated Digital Experience Act. Americans can save time and avoid frustration when they easily enter data into a mobile-friendly digital form on any device, sign it electronically and submit it securely. Digital forms
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