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the biggest challenge that engineers will face over the next 25 years. That was followed by development of “economical clean energy,” mentioned by 18 percent; sustaining land and oceans, chosen by 16 percent; and creating “sustainable and resilient infrastructure” (11 percent). The survey, which included 10,077 respondents from 119 countries, was undertaken by DiscoverE, an organization that works to draw young people into the engineering field.
ONLINE LEARNING RESEARCH. The University of California, Irvine School of Education has created a new research center that will aim to provide “evidence-based resources, materials and guidelines for teachers and students to improve academic achievement and equity in online learning.” The Online Learning Research Center will offer information both for instructors — helping them “improve their online courses to better meet the needs of online students” — and for students to learn how to succeed online, according to a news announcement.
CHECKLISTS FOR MOVING ONLINE. Quality Matters, a nonprofit focused on standards for online learning, has created a set of checklists for rapidly moving classes online in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Emergency Remote Instruction Checklists — one for higher education and one for K–12 — provide “considerations, tips, and actionable strategies to enact during an institutional move to temporary remote instruction of classroom-based courses.”
CRASH COURSE IN ONLINE TEACHING. The Flipped Learning Global Initiative (FLGI) has launched a free online course to help instructors and institutions that need to make a quick move to remote learning. The one-hour program, “Rapid Transition to Online Learning,” bills itself as a quick-start guide to maintaining continuity of teaching and learning in a crisis. “We knew from experience that making a transition from traditional to distance learning is challenging under normal circumstances,” noted Errol St. Clair Smith, FLGI’s director of global development. “Clearly, shifting to remote learning overnight would be more difficult (and there would be much to consider). So we started with the question: If a school had just one hour to prepare to teach remotely, what are the most essential things the school leader, IT managers, and teachers would need to know and do?” READ THE FULL STORY ONLINE.
VR GRADUATION. Graduates at Purdue University Global recently had the option to participate in their commencement ceremonies virtually, thanks to a pilot program using virtual reality to provide an immersive remote experience of the event. While around 400 students attended in-person, about 75 donned VR headsets to see and hear everything as if they were there — including marching in the procession line, sitting with fellow graduates, hearing their name announced and more. The ceremony was captured in 360-degree video using an Insta360 Pro 2 camera, and streamed live on YouTube 360. In addition, a traditional single-view video feed was broadcast via Facebook Live. Virtual participants received a Purdue Global branded VR headset as well as a commencement program, tassel and other ceremonial accoutrements.
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