Page 29 - Campus Technology, October/November 2018
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online activity, to build comprehensive student profiles. The software then uses AI technology to map candidates’ interests, attributes and behaviors to the profile of an ideal student who is likely to succeed at the institution. Candidates recognized as a good match are recommended to recruiters.
Similar technology employed by Oracle’s Human Capital Management (HCM) Cloud solution supports more intelligent recruiting of faculty and staff. The software uses AI to map the skills required for a certain position to the capabilities of applicants, as well as current employees in other departments — and even candidates who have submitted their résumé or curriculum vitae to third-party recruiters.
“Many colleges and universities struggle to recruit and retain top talent,” Rajecki noted. “By leveraging adaptive intelligence, we can help them manage their workforce more effectively — ensuring that institutions never have to cancel courses because they lack the faculty to teach them.”
Student success also relies on giving students the support they need once they are enrolled. AI and machine learning technology can help identify obstacles that stand in the way of a student’s progression and recommend solutions.
For instance, challenges with course scheduling can be an impediment to success. “Students often schedule classes that
are too difficult, and they end up struggling,” Rajecki explained. “They spend a significant amount of time and money, only to set themselves up for failure.”
The automated intelligence embedded within Student Cloud, Oracle’s next-generation student information system, can predict courses or material that students might struggle with, based on their profile and the skills gaps the software has identified for them — and it can recommend remediation or suggest courses that are more appropriate. The software
also integrates with a student’s personal calendaring system, so it can help students schedule the right courses around their busy personal lives in a way that improves their chances of success.
The intelligence built into Student Cloud can also predict where students may struggle down the road, giving advance warnings to academic advisers. “We are leveraging AI to help advisers intervene and put students on a path to success,
before they even become at risk,” Rajecki said.

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