Page 28 - Campus Technology, October/November 2018
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How Cloud-Based Intelligence Can Drive Student Success
AI and machine learning can help provide students with the personalized support they need, from enrollment to graduation.
ONLY 56 PERCENT OF STUDENTS enrolled in a bachelor’s degree program graduate within six years, according to the higher education technology association EDUCAUSE — and just 29 percent of students pursuing an associate degree graduate within three years. Among low-income students, completion rates are even lower.
Campus leaders are trying to improve these numbers by delivering a more personalized, student-centric college experience. For instance, innovations powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technology in the cloud can support students more effectively from enrollment through completion, according to Keith Rajecki, senior director for education and research at Oracle. And that can improve student outcomes dramatically.
“Achieving student success starts with the culture of an institution,” said Rajecki. “We provide applications to support colleges and universities in building this culture, allowing them to be more agile and responsive to students’ needs.”
Oracle’s Student Recruiting module uses the information captured during prospecting, as well as data gathered from mining a student’s
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