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2017 CT IMPACT AWARDS IN DEPTH david raths
Streamlining Access to Complex Data
George Washington University created a visual, interactive collection
of high-level metrics designed for a group of pivotal campus decision-makers: university deans.
BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE (BI) projects are only worthwhile if users derive tangible value from them. And campus decision-makers don’t have the time to wade through complex reports, no matter how relevant the data.
With that in mind, the BI team at George Washington University (DC) tapped into data visualization tools to create
Category: Administration
Institution: George Washington University
Project: The Deans’ Dashboard
Project lead: Jelena Roljevic, assistant vice president, business intelligence and enterprise information services
Tech lineup: IBM Cognos, Informatica, Tableau
GWU’s dashboard project led to culture change across the institution.
CAMPUS TECHNOLOGY | January/February 2018

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